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  • What should I bring along to the studio for a session?
    When preparing for your studio session, it's essential to bring along several items to ensure a smooth and successful experience. Here's a detailed list: Outfit Changes: Please bring all the outfits you intend to use during the session. This includes clothing options for yourself and any individuals being photographed. Accessories: Don't forget to bring matching accessories like socks, hair accessories, coordinating hats, and any other items that can enhance your look. Snacks for Kids: If your session involves children, it's a good idea to have simple snacks on hand, such as crackers or plain cookies, to keep them comfortable and content. Hair Essentials: Bring hairbrushes, combs, gels, sprays, or any products you typically use for hair touch-ups. Jewelry: If you'd like specific jewelry to appear in your photos, remember to bring it along. I discourage bringing treats or bribes for children as we aim to capture natural expressions and moments during the session. I believe it's important for children to come to the session well-fed to ensure they're comfortable and happy throughout. Hungry children can become irritable or distracted, potentially affecting the quality of the photos. My aim is to capture natural expressions and moments during the session, and ensuring children are well-fed beforehand helps me achieve this. If you have any questions or need further assistance with outfit choices, feel free to reach out; I'm here to help!
  • How do outdoor sessions work?
    Once your booking is confirmed, I'll schedule a pre-session consultation over the phone. During this consultation, I'll work together to select an outdoor location that aligns with your vision for your photoshoot. Please note that there may be a traveling fee for locations outside our designated area.
  • What if my child is sick? Can I reschedule?
    Absolutely, I understand that unexpected situations can arise, especially with children. I maintain a flexible scheduling policy and am more than happy to accommodate rescheduling requests. Your child's comfort and well-being are paramount, and I want to ensure the best possible results. Please inform me as soon as you anticipate a change in plans, and we'll work together to find a new appointment date that suits you.
  • What clothing is ideal to wear?
    Choosing the right clothing for your photoshoot can greatly impact the final results. Here's a detailed guide based on the type of session: Individual Child Portraits: Feel free to bring your child's favorite outfits. We can work with a variety of styles. If you're uncertain or overwhelmed with options, don't hesitate to contact me for personalized guidance. Family or Sibling Sessions: Coordinating outfits work well, and I recommend solid neutral colors such as beige, grey, brown, taupe, or cream. Complementary colors like navy and mustard can also create stunning combinations. Consider the room where you plan to display your photos when selecting colors. I encourage coordination rather than strict matching. What to Avoid: Neon colors and very fine, thin stripes or intricate textures can be challenging for photography and may lead to unwanted visual effects. If you're unsure about your clothing choices, please reach out to me for assistance. I'm more than happy to provide a comprehensive clothing consultation or assist you in finding the perfect outfits to ensure your session yields exceptional results.
  • Can we change clothing during our session?
    Absolutely! There are no limits on the number of clothing changes or backdrop options during your session. Even in shorter mini sessions, I often manage quick changes to provide you with a diverse range of photographs.
  • Do you photograph weddings or events?
    No, I do not specialize in wedding or event photography. However, I do offer pre-event sessions for families dressed for the occasion. This option is ideal for capturing memorable moments before a relative's wedding or Bar Mitzvah, and I schedule these sessions approximately 2 hours before the event begins.
  • Do you photograph large families? What about extended families?
    Yes, I am happy to photograph large families, including all siblings with their parents. There are no limitations on family size. For extended groups, such as groups of cousins for a grandparent's gift, or other configurations involving multiple families, I can conduct outdoor shoots if the studio space is insufficient. Alternatively, I can create composite/collage images by photographing each family individually in the studio and merging them using Photoshop. These sessions are priced per family, and I encourage you to get in touch to discuss your specific needs.
  • When and how do I choose my pictures?
    Once you've booked your session date, I'll schedule another appointment shortly after your session. During this complimentary viewing and ordering appointment, you'll have the opportunity to select your favorite photos. I'll also present you with options for albums, wall art, and gift items to assist you in making your decisions.
  • Can you send an online proof gallery for picture selection at home?
    Unfortunately, I do not offer an online proof gallery for picture selection at home. This is because we do not release images that haven't undergone full editing. In order to provide you with a gallery, I would need to edit the images. In order to edit I need to charge for them. It would be a shame for you to pay for images you might otherwise not have purchased! However, if you live far from the studio, we can have a remote viewing session on Zoom.
  • Do I have to choose a package from the price list?
    No, you're not limited to choosing a predefined package from our price list. I encourage you to share your vision and preferences with me, and I can create a custom package tailored to your needs and desires. My packages serve as guides, and I am flexible in accommodating your unique requirements.
  • Are there any hidden charges?
    I have a transparent pricing policy, and there are no hidden charges. I do not charge extra for complex and time-consuming edits like headswaps. Everything is included in the cost you're provided with upfront. If you have specific requests that may incur additional charges, I will inform you before confirming your booking.
  • Can prices change at any time?
    Prices for our photography services are subject to change. I understand this might raise questions, but it's important to note that various factors can influence pricing adjustments. These factors include changes in production costs, equipment upgrades, or simply the evolving market dynamics in the photography industry. I strive to offer competitive rates while maintaining the quality of my services.
  • Can I request specific edits or retouching for my photos?
    Absolutely! Your satisfaction is important to me, so I welcome any specific requests for edits or retouching. Whether it's adjusting lighting, removing blemishes, or enhancing certain features, just let me know your preferences, and I'll do my best to accommodate them.
  • How soon can I expect my pictures?
    The timeline for receiving your pictures can vary based on several factors, including the products you've ordered, the season, and how quickly you make your selections. Here's a general overview: Viewing Session: Most clients finalize their image and product selections during the viewing session, which takes place a few days after your photography session. I'll provide ample time for you to make your choices during this enjoyable process. Digital Images: Typically, digital images are ready within one week of your viewing session. Custom Albums and Wall Art: These items may require additional time due to specialized production processes and shipping. I'll provide you with turnaround time estimates when you place your order. Regular Prints and Reprints: These are often ready for pickup within one week. In general, your pictures can be ready relatively soon after your session, provided you follow the process as outlined. Your satisfaction and timely delivery are my top priorities.
  • Will my photos be shared on your website or social media?
    I will always ask your permission before showcasing your beautiful images in my portfolio on my website or on social media. I will only do this if you are comfortable with it.
  • Can I share my photos on social media or personal websites?
    Yes, absolutely! I encourage you to share your photos with friends, family, and followers on social media or personal websites. All I ask is that you kindly credit me as the photographer whenever possible. It's always exciting to see my work being shared and appreciated!
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